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Tenemos visitas guiadas, que no necesitan de reserva, todos los días en inglés y todos los domingos a las 14h30 en portugués. Todo lo que necesita para participar en una de estas visita es aparecer en nuestro punto de encuentro y comprar el ticket al nuestro guía que tendrá una mochila naranja, o presentare directamente el ticket ya comprado aquí en el nuestro sitio com 20% de descuento.


Hacemos paseos todos los días independientemente de las condiciones meteorológicas, EXCLUYENDO el 25 de Diciembre y el 1º Enero.



Organizamos visitas privadas em Lisboa y alrededores para grupos grandes y pequeños, realizables solamente sobre reserva. Podéis elegirlos por temática o pedir una mezcla. Contáctenos!


Nuestras visitas especiales también solo se realizan sobre reserva. Fueran echas y pensadas para ofrecer una experiencia única, abordando ciertos temas de forma más profunda, dando la oportunidad  a los más curiosos de conocer  algo que está más allá de la superficie que los permitiese entender lo que hace finalmente de Lisboa una ciudad tan especial.



Los Recursos Humanos son imprescindibles para el buen desarrollo de las empresas y para las dinámicas interpersonales de las organizaciones. Es a través de actividades de formación que el desarrollo de recursos humanos se puede asociar con el descubrimiento de la ciudad. En una perspectiva de entretenimiento o buscando desarrollar una interacción de grupo o habilidades de organización, la Lisbon Walker tiene juegos en la ciudad  diseñado para grupos.



Se desean una experiencia particular en Lisboa o en otro sitio, echa en vuestra medida y con necesidades especiales, nosostros estamos aquí para ayudar. Desde ayudar a elegir el alojamiento, al sitio justo y ideal para comer, o indicar las tiendas más curiosas que solo los locales conocen, a buen sitios para probar vino y chocolate, o indicar museos , estamos aquí a vuestra disposición para tornar el vuestro sueño una realidad.




  • €20.00 por persona/tour -Paseo Lisbon Walker
  • €15.00 por persona/tour –  menos de 26 años, más de 65 años, portadores de Lisboa Card
  • Grátis – Para niños con menos de 12 años
    Oferta especial en los tickets para paseos diarios: para el 2º paseo, comprado con el 1º, tendrá un descuento de 5€.
  • Compre el ticket directamente aqui en el site e tendrán un descuento de 25%



Cada paseo diario Lisbon Walker dura entre 2 y 3 horas. Empiezan siempre a las 10:00 y a las 14:30 (por favor, verificar  nuestros horarios al lado). Podéis comprar los tickets directament al guia en nuestro punto de encuentro unos minutos antes del inicio del paseo o  aquí en el sito con 25% de  descuento.


Is it necessary to make reservations to become a Lisbon Walker?

No advance booking is necessary. The walks always take place regardless of the number of people that turn up or the weather conditions. You just need to spot our guide – which is dead easy, because he/she is wearing a Lisbon Walker orange backpack – at the northwest corner of Praça do Comércio (in front of Tourism office, under the arches)

How do I get to the starting point of the walks?

Since we do not run a pick up service, sorry, all Lisbon Walkers have to make their way to the meeting point, common to all our walks (see previous answer). Depending on where you are staying it is very easy to meet us by Metro, tram or bus. Your hotel reception will be happy to provide you with instructions on how to get there.

Where can I buy the tickets for the walks?

At the starting point of the walks, a few minutes prior to departure time. You can also buy ahead tickets for daily tours through our web site

Do you accept Credit or Debit cards for payment?

Unfortunately, at the starting point of the walks we can only accept cash. It is possible though to use the credit card if you book through our website

In which languages do the guided walks take place?

The daily regular walks are all in English. Walks are also run in Portuguese on Sunday afternoons. It is also possible to run private walks in French, German, Spanish and Italian under special request, should this be your choice.

Where and how can I buy the deck of Lisbon Walks: 54 Discovery Cards?

You have 4 options:

  • get them directly through our site
  • buy the Discovery Cards in selected bookshops in Lisbon (ask for the list)
  • ask us to mail it directly to your address (write us an email to
  • visit us at our office (Rua do Jardim do Tabaco, 126, SLJ, Lisboa – facing Museu do Fado).

Is the deck of Lisbon Walks: 54 Discovery Cards worth buying for a stay of 2/3 days?

Of course it is. If you enjoy discovering a city at your own pace, this is most definitely the best way. Crafted by the best specialists of Lisbon, these 54 Cards will not only take you across several non touristy areas of Lisbon but also provide you with the best knowledge, History and tips. Even if it is your first time in Lisbon or if you have only a few days in the city, the deck includes a selection of the “must do Cards” in 2 days. It is also a fine piece of design and a nice souvenir, getting home!

Who was the 1st foreigner ever to visit Lisbon?

We do not know. Honestly. But the 1st traces of outside presence found point at the Phoenicians as the ones to have traveled from outside and enjoyed the Tagus River calm waters in regular occasions.

How will I recognize the Lisbon Walker guide?

By the Lisbon Walker orange backpack. The guide will be standing on the wide sidewalk close to the arches (or underneath them if it rains) of the northwest corner (Rua do Arsenal) of Praça do Comércio, in front of the Tourism office.

How early do I need to arrive for a walk?

Do not stress yourself. The proverbial compliance of our guides is a landmark. Mind you, we are talking about some 5 minutes tolerance here. Now seriously, try to arrive 10 minutes prior to departure time, if you do not have your ticket already. This will keep everybody, including your fellow Lisbon Walkers, very happy.

How long does each walk last and how far does it go?

Between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the pace and the tour. The Lisbon Revelation Tour, the Lisbon Old Town, the Castle Hill, Jewish Presence in Lisbon and the Lisbon Uptown walks will be the longest, across the hills of Lisbon up and down a few stairs and cobblestone streets. By the way, good walking shoes are recommended, high heels being seriously unadvised. The end point of all walks is carefully selected to prevent you from being left in the middle of nowhere, but rather close to public transport.

How fit must I be to walk alongside the group without risking being left behind?

Relax. None of the walks is a forced march. As stated before, the only (moderately) demanding walks are Lisbon OldTown, Lisbon Uptown and the Lisbon Castle Hill. However, if you bear in mind that the Old Town walk, for example, takes place in one of the quarters with some of the most aged population in Lisbon and little public transportation available, you can imagine that if the natives can do it, so can you.

How many people live in Lisbon?

Around 560.000 today. The metropolitan area however rises above 2.5 million souls these days and a lot of them work inside the city, just to make things difficult for traffic, public transportation and parking.

Is there a group discount?

There is indeed. Upon request, we can arrange a Private Walk for a group at a special price; the typical situations arising from Schools, Hotels, Travel Agencies and Congress organisers. In order to apply, please contact us at, by phone at (+351) 218 861 840 or (+351) 963 575 635 or at our office (Rua do Jardim do Tabaco, 126, SLJ, Lisboa – facing Museu do Fado). It is possible to select from any of our regular walks or a combination of them and you don’t have to adhere to our public walks schedule. Just let us know what your preferences are and we will create the walking tour or experience that matches your needs.

Are there any stops along the way?

Of course. They will not only provide the proper break, but also the opportunity to expand a bit on any special history or anecdote that we find appropriate in the context. We try to land in shady spots with some sitting room to allow for some leg stretching.

How many vehicles were there in Lisbon at the time of the earthquake?

Since the beginning of times – think of the Flintstones, for example- vehicles have been a symbol of status and this still seems to be the case. Now at that time in Lisbon, in spite of the sloppy and roughly paved streets, there were 300 coaches, 4.500 privately owned trolleys, 400 cabs for rent and several thousand individual handheld chairs for a population of around 200.000.

Can I take my children on a walk?

Sure you can. And it is for free. Baby trolleys however may prove a bit tricky to manoeuvre at times, as sidewalks can be quite narrow or non-existing, but everyone always lend a hand in case of need.

How many hills are there in Lisbon?Seven hills, right?

Wrong. The myth of Lisbon of the seven hills was made up by Friar Nicholas in the XVII century, urging to create a hasty parallel with the city of Rome. People say there are actually fifteen or even more. Is it important at all?

Is the Legends & Mysteries walk frightening?

Of course not: we will not take you through spider’s filled tunnels, slippery floors in the dark, nor there will be any improvised characters in white bed sheets howling around you. It is not a ghost train ride on foot. It is mainly a quiet walking tour across some of the most curious legends and secrets that have been nourishing the imagination of Lisbonners for many years.

Is there any special reason to visit your office at Rua do Jardim do Tabaco, 126, SLJ (facing Museu do Fado)?

From the top of my head I can think of several: it is in the very heart of Alfama and we can provide you with information to get more in depth into this unique part of the city; we have a set of selected books that will provide you with more information about Lisbon; you are invited to come and sit with us for a chat and learn more about what Lisbon and its surroundings have to offer, daytime and nightime.

How do I qualify for any of the discounts of the regular tours?

This one is easy: you have to look old to apply for the over 65 one or young enough to apply for the under 26 one. No, we don’t ask you to show us your passport, we are not the police, you know. The other way is to show us your Lisboa Card or the Rick Steves guide.


  •   Rua do Jardim do Tabaco 126, Sobreloja | 1100-228 Lisboa

  •     +351 218 861 840

  •     +351 963 575 635




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