Bachelor & Hen parties

There are certain issues that should be bare before you tie the knot ... Does it make sense to say that there is a ``strong sex`` and a ``weak sex``? Why not test this old idea and make the conclusion clear? This is our challenge for Bachelor/ Hen Parties.

Group Activities

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Our special Peddy Paper Bachelor and Bachelor Party is a “Treasure Hunt” game. In a group, or divided into teams, the participants are driven around the city with fun games of all genres, from general knowledge questions to orientation skills, art work and elaborate enigmas.

We also suggest to include some local snacks and drinks along the different routes possible, that include Alfama and Baixa. This will encourage the stomach and spirit throughout the game.

Our games can be put together exclusively for the bride or groom; or if they prefer to join the two Farewells we can organize a pre-nuptial battle and put girls against boys … without the grooms knowing that they are doing the same activity together – the surprise is only revealed at the end of both games … when the bride and groom and the respective groups of friends finally come together.

So we have three alternatives to your party:

  • Hen party for girls;
  • Bachelor party for boys;
  • Farewell together – Girls <> Boys

These activities last at least 2 hours and can be performed in 2 locations:

  • Alfama
  • Baixa


Whatever combination they wish to make, the couple will always be presented with a very special and unforgettable little treat from Lisbon Walker.


``My Love, it is never neither too late or too soon for those who love! ``

Ary dos Santos



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