The Portuguese Riviera: a golden exile for aristocrats and refugees of World War II.

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Estoril and its surroundings have consistently provided a quiet haven to relax and this has been the case since WW II, when refugees fleeing from war devastated Europe, longed for a safe place to hide away from nazi persecution. Home to the famous Casino Estoril that inspired Ian Fleming to write his first 007 novel – Casino Royale – you can still feel the aura of these illustrious residents that helped create this pastiche of Riviera in the Atlantic coast.
Cascais is well known for its small fishing village character, attracting attention to visitors and expatriates as a favourite choice to live close to Lisbon. A variety of interesting monuments, art galleries and museums create the perfect pretext for a lengthy visit.


In this half day or full day tour you will enjoy visiting:


  • Estoril and WW II refugees
  • Casino Estoril
  • A train trip that is a feast for the eyes
  • A spy’s favourite hotel
  • Palaces and romantic gardens
  • Cacais art galleries and museums
  • Hell’s mouth at sea
  • Lighthouses that were once defence towers


``Finally arriving at Estoril (…) I felt at home.``

Dusko Popov (WW II spy)


Lisbon Old Town

Lisbon Downtown

Lisbon Legends&Mysteries

Lisbon City of Spies


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