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Close your eyes and discover the senses in Alfama in one of the most unforgettable experiences Lisbon has to offer.

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Imagine what it is to discover the old Alfama district blindfolded: narrow streets, the smell of roasting sardines, the sound of Fado coming from a distance and so many others sensorial adventures…
An unforgettable walking tour, safety guaranteed, inside the old city, developed in collaboration between Lisbon Walker and ACAPO, where participants are blindfolded and led by a blind person of ACAPO sharing his sensorial references. The Lisbon Walker guide ensures the historical and urban context of the tour.


The unique character of this tour accomplishes two main objectives:

Provides a sensory experience, which aims to build a new knowledge of space by stimulating all senses: touch, taste and hearing in the absence of vision.
Raises awareness of the universe of the blind, not in a crippling sense but in a positive and stimulating effect, in which the blind itself invites us to enter his world of references.


Duration: 1,5 hours


Maximum number of participants per tour: 10


``Of all the senses, sight is the most superficial, earing is the most proud, smell is the most voluptuous, taste is the most superstitious and touch the deepest one.``



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