Lisbon Underground

A unique tour that dives into the least known underground Art Gallery of Lisbon – the city’s tube system (Metro).

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As a part of a whole complex, Lisbon underground stations form the most important Public Art Gallery in multicolored tiles and stone sculptures in town. The city’s inhabitants that daily cross these subterranean galleries have little time to enjoy these spaces. The widespread TV screens in the platforms tend to steal their attention as they go by hastily.
In the decoration of the whole network there is an element that stands out: the ceramic tile (Azulejo). It is consistently the most expressive element present, in creations made both by Portuguese and foreign artists.
In this Lisbon Walking tour we visit some of the stations, regaining awareness of the country’s History. In particular we expose our walkers to some beautiful images portraying:


  • The decorative Tile in Portugal
  • The History of the Discoveries
  • The exploration of Brazil
  • Humanism and Literature
  • The modernist generation


``The tiles speak about a fabulous world offered to the sight: a monkey playing the flute, a woman picking grapes, (…), lovers embraced, a tamed lion, a moray with spots like a leopard. ``

John Berger


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