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Legends & Mysteries

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A Lisbon Walking Tour that reveals 30 centuries of secrets and unspoken tales hidden under the stones of Lisbon, waiting to be unveiled. You will become acquainted with some of the most intriguing of these characters, including some of whom the city is not so proud of.

During this walk you will learn about:


  • Ulysses as the founder of Lisbon
  • St. Vincent and the Ravens
  • The young martyrs of Lisbon
  • Saint Anthony: the matchmaker
  • Gusmão’s flying device (the Passarola)
  • The murder of the Távora family
  • The curse of Simão Sulim
  • Downtown architecture: A Masonic fantasy


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In addition to facts, the 3200 years of the city’s historical records contain many secrets, legends and myths. On this walk you will delve into some of the most curious ones. Whilst helping to keep track of fantastic stories and events, some of these tales and legends gave life to saints, heroes and villains.


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